1. steve richardson says:

    I have this attorney trying to get more money than I offered him the attorney said he would accept fifty dollars a month but now wants 200.00 a month out of my wifes check which all she makes is 1000 a month I am on social security and this causing a hardship on me and my wife not able to have enough money to buy food and other bills to live on can I do some thing and how I heard that I can go to the clerks office at the court house and fill out a expense sheet and a hardship letter stating we can not afford this

  2. Brian Lee says:

    If you made an offer and the attorney accepted, then changing the terms is unacceptable. If you are currently being garnished, most jurisdictions have hardship exemptions based on income and allowable expenses. Go to the clerk for the court where the garnishment was issued.

  3. Andrea Bellott says:

    I have a question not a reply- How long does garnishment take? I intend to file bankruptcy but not until Oct. 1st.

  4. Brian Lee says:

    Hi, Andrea. It depends upon what jurisdiction you’re in and the speed of the attorneys representing the creditor, but if you have a judgment against you, it is a straightforward process to start garnishing pay. Most payroll offices promptly withhold garnishment funds upon receipt of the garnishment order.

  5. mikki says:

    In VA, can my wage still be garnished if I’m head of household (single parent, 1 child, 1 elder parent)? Also, what if I’m already barely making ends meet and will lose house in the event if a wage garnishment?

  6. Brian Lee says:

    You should attend the hearing to finalize the garnishment amount and explain the situation to the judge. Unfortunately, addressing the amount of the monthly garnishment does not address the underlying debt. You should consider filing bankruptcy to eliminate the debt and stop the garnishment. Good luck!

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